Sunday, December 21, 2008

United Steelworkers' Expand EI Campaign

The United Steelworkers have launched an "Expand EI" campaign encouraging the federal government to expand the benefits afforded through Employment Insurance as one of the measures used in any financial package designed to help Canada weather a recession.

Specifically, they're asking that the government:

- Eliminate the waiting period before EI benefits begin. Many families have little or no savings. Even a couple of weeks without income is too long.

- Increase the level of EI benefits and increase the maximum level of earnings before triggering a clawback. The current benefits are not enough for a family to live on. Plus, putting money into the hands of families will help the economy overall.

- Extend EI benefits for up to two years. Finding a job will take longer than ever due to the current economic crisis.

- Allow workers who receive severance pay to also receive EI benefits right away. Workers should not be forced to exhaust their severance pay before receiving benefits.

- Eliminate cumbersome eligibility rules. Too many people are unfairly excluded from the EI benefits they've paid into. Part-time workers, the majority of whom are women, are often unable to collect EI when they lose their jobs.

On there's an "E-mail Ottawa" link that asks for your name and e-mail, and will send a pre-written e-mail to the four party leaders. I encourage you all to send that e-mail, and forward the web site to everyone you know.

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